JSY-MK-135 DC charging pile electric energy metering module


  • Meet the measurement standards in the charging pile identification specification jjg1148-2018 and gb_t_17215.321-2008.
  • MODBUS-RTU protocol.
  • Measure 45~65hz AC voltage, current, power, power factor, frequency and other electrical parameters.
  • Measure DC voltage, current, power, watt hour and other data.
  • UART communication interface.
  • The accuracy grade is better than the national 0.5s standard.
  • It can be changed and customized according to customer requirements.

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Technical Parameter

1. Single phase AC input
1) Voltage range: 0~100v, 220V, etc.
2) Current range: 0~16a manganese copper sampling direct or mutual inductance 20a, 50a, 100A, etc; The model of external current transformer can be selected.
3) Rated frequency: 45~65hz.
4) Signal processing: special metering chip is adopted, and 24 bit AD is adopted.
5) Overload capacity: 1.2 times the range is sustainable; The instantaneous (<20ms) current is 5 times, the voltage is 1.5 times, and the range is not damaged.
6) Input impedance: voltage channel >1k Ω /v, current channel ≤ 100m Ω.

2. Communication interface
1) Interface type: provide UART communication interface.
2) Communication protocol: MODBUS-RTU protocol.
3) Data format: software can set "n, 8,1", "E, 8,1", "O, 8,1", "n, 8,2".
4) Communication rate: baud rate can be set at 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600bps; The baud rate of communication interface is 4800bps by default, and the format is "n, 8,1".

3. Test output data
Voltage, current, power, power factor, frequency, electric energy and other electrical parameters.

4. Measurement accuracy
Voltage, current and power: ≤ 1.0%; Active kwh level 1

5. Power supply
When dc+5v power is supplied, the peak voltage shall not exceed +5.5v; Typical power consumption: ≤ 20mA.

6. Working environment
1) Working temperature: -20~+70 ℃; Storage temperature: -40~+85 ℃.
2) Relative humidity: 5~95%, no condensation (at 40 ℃).
3) Altitude: 0~3000 meters.
4) Environment: a place without explosion, corrosive gas and conductive dust, and without significant shaking, vibration and impact.

7. Temperature drift: ≤100ppm/℃

8. Installation method: Embedded installation

9. Module size: thirty-five × twenty-one × 7mm; Pin spacing 2.54mm

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