JSY1003F Single phase mutual inductance electric energy metering module


  • The accuracy of electric energy measurement is better than the level 1 standard in international standards
  • MODBUS-RTU protocol.
  • Accurately measure single-phase AC voltage, current, power, power factor, frequency, electric quantity and other electrical parameters.
  • One 3.3V TTL communication interface.
  • Voltage and current are isolated by mutual inductors
  • Current transformers can be equipped with transformers of different sizes according to actual needs
  • 13 years of experience in the electric energy measurement industry, supporting personalized customization。

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The current collector module can be widely used in energy-saving transformation, power, communication, railway, transportation, environmental protection, petrochemical, steel and other industries. It is embedded in the customer's motherboard to monitor the current and power consumption of AC equipment, and can replace the power metering function of traditional watt hour meters.

Technical Parameter

1. Measurement
1.1 load type: single phase AC;
1.2 voltage range: 1-380v, accuracy 0.5%;
1.3 current range: 0.02-50a, current accuracy 0.5%;
1.4 voltage resolution: 0.01V;
1.5 current resolution: 0.01ma;
1.6 Power Resolution: 0.01W;
1.7 electric energy resolution: 0.01kwh;

2. Communication
2.1 interface type: UART 3.3vttl;
2.2 communication protocol: Modbus RTU protocol;
2.3 data format: default n, 8,1;
2.4 baud rate: 2400~9600bps, 9600bps by default;
2.5 communication address: default address 1, which can be set;

3. Performance
3.1 typical power consumption: ≤ 10mA;
3.2 power supply: 3.3vdc;
3.3 overload capacity: 1.2imax sustainable;

4. Working environment
4.1 working temperature: -30~+70 ℃, storage temperature -40~+85 ℃;
4.2 relative humidity: 5~95%, no ice and dew;

5. Installation method: pin (package can be provided)

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