Single Phase Mutual Inductance Electric EnergyMetering Module·



  • It can replace the traditional electricity meter metering unit, and the accuracy conforms to the classes 1 standard in IEC62053-21
  • MODBUS-RTU protocol.
  • Accurately measure single-phase AC voltage, current, power, power factor, frequency, electric quantity and other electrical parameters.
  • One TTL communication interface, compatible with 5v/3.3v.
  • Electrical insulation withstand voltage 3000VAC.
  • Multiple specifications can be selected, single turn through core PCB fixed or open transformer, which is convenient and easy to use.
  • It can be changed and customized according to customer requirements.




Product Detail



Product Tags

Underlying Parameter

Measured parameters:
Product model: JSY-MK-163
Voltage range: AC 1-300V ±0.5% F.S
Current range: AC 20mA-50A ±0.5% F.S
Voltage resolution: 0.01V
Current resolution: 0.01A
Active power: IEC62053-21 classes 1  Units 1W
Electric energy: IEC62053-21 classes 1  Units 0.01kWh


Communication parameter
Interface type: TTL 3.3/5V
Communication protocol: Modbus-RTU
Data format: N,8,1
Communication bps: 4800 bps
Mailing address: Default number 1
Product performance
Product power consumption: <2W
Power supply: DC 3.3/5V
Work environment: -20~+70℃

Wiring and hole position description


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