JSY-MK-333 Three phase embedded electric energy metering module


  • Collect three-phase AC parameters, including voltage, current, power, electric energy and other electrical parameters, with complete information.
  • RS-485 communication interface with 1 channel ESD protection circuit /1 channel TTL interface adopts MODBUS-RTU protocol, which has good compatibility and is convenient for programming.
  • Electrical insulation withstand voltage 2000vac.
  • Two power supply modes are available, with the power supply voltage of dc3.3v or dc5-24v.
  • Multiple specifications can be selected, single turn through core PCB fixed or open transformer, which is convenient and easy to use.
  • It can be changed and customized according to customer requirements.

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Jsy-mk-333 three-phase embedded measurement module is a three-phase embedded measurement module with completely independent intellectual property rights developed by our company using microelectronic technology and special large-scale integrated circuits, using advanced technologies such as digital sampling and processing technology and SMT process. The technical performance of the detector fully meets the relevant technical requirements of 0.5s three-phase active watt hour meter in IEC 62053-21 national standard, and can directly and accurately measure the voltage, current, power, power factor, electric quantity, total amount and other electrical parameters in a three-phase AC network with a rated frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz. The metering module is equipped with 1-way RS485 communication interface (optional), 1-way TTL interface and MODBUS-RTU communication protocol, which is convenient to connect with various single-chip computers. It has the characteristics of good reliability, small size, light weight, beautiful appearance, convenient installation and so on.

Technical Parameter

1. Single phase AC input
1) Voltage range: 3*220/380v three-phase four wire system.
2) Current range: 5A, 50a, 150A, 250A and other options; The model of external opening current transformer is optional.
3) Signal processing: special metering chip is adopted, and 24 bit AD is adopted.
4) Overload capacity: 1.2 times the range is sustainable; The instantaneous (<200ms) current is 5 times, the voltage is 1.2 times, and the range is not damaged.
5) Input impedance: voltage channel >1k Ω /v, current channel ≤ 100m Ω.

2. Communication interface
1) Interface type: 1-way RS-485 communication interface, 1-way TTL interface.
2) Communication protocol: MODBUS-RTU protocol.
3) Data format: software can set "n, 8,1", "E, 8,1", "O, 8,1", "n, 8,2".
4) Communication rate: the baud rate of remote RS-485 communication interface can be set at 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600bps; The baud rate of local RS-485 communication interface is fixed at 9600bps, "n, 8,1" format.
5) Communication data: voltage, current, power, electric energy and other electrical parameters.

3. Measurement accuracy
Voltage, current and power: ± 1.0%; Active kwh is level 1.

4. Electrical isolation
Isolate the do/rs-485 interface from the DC power supply, voltage input and current input; Isolation withstand voltage 2000vac.

5. Power supply
2) When dc3.3v power is supplied, the peak voltage shall not exceed 3.5V, and the typical power consumption: ≤ 2W.
3) When dc5-24v power is supplied, the peak voltage shall not exceed 25V; Typical power consumption: ≤ 2W.

6. Working environment
1) Working temperature: -20~+70 ℃; Storage temperature: -40~+85 ℃.
2) Relative humidity: 5~95%, no condensation (at 40 ℃).
3) Altitude: 0~3000 meters.
4) Environment: a place without explosion, corrosive gas and conductive dust, and without significant shaking, vibration and impact.

7. Temperature drift: ≤100ppm/℃

8. Installation method: Embedded installation

9. Product size: 65*57*41mm

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