JSY-MK-188 Metering intelligent PDU meter


  • Collect single circuit AC parameters, including single-phase voltage, current, power, frequency, electric energy and other electrical parameters.
  • Buzzer alarm function.
  • Digital tube display.
  • Wide voltage operation AC80 ~ 265V.
  • It can be changed and customized according to customer requirements.

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Technical Parameter

1. Single phase AC input
1) Voltage range: 100V, 220V, 380V, etc.
2) Current range: 5A, 50a, etc; The model of external opening current transformer is optional.
3) Signal processing: special metering chip is adopted, and 24 bit AD is adopted.
4) Overload capacity: 1.2 times the range is sustainable; The instantaneous (<20ms) current is 5 times, the voltage is 1.2 times, and the range is not damaged.
5) Input impedance: voltage channel >1k Ω /v.

2. Test output data
Voltage, current, power, electric energy and other electrical parameters.

3. Measurement accuracy
Voltage, current and power: ± 1.0%; Active kwh is level 1.

4. Power supply
1) Power supply mode: the voltage range is ac85~265
2) Typical power consumption: ≤ 1W.

5. Working environment
1) Working temperature: -20~+70 ℃; Storage temperature: -40~+85 ℃.
2) Relative humidity: 5~95%, no condensation (at 40 ℃).
3) Altitude: 0~3000 meters.
4) Environment: a place without explosion, corrosive gas and conductive dust, and without significant shaking, vibration and impact.

6. Temperature drift: ≤100ppm/℃.

7. Product size: 42mm*35mm*28mm.

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