Industrial application of guideway watt hour meter

The continuous growth of industrial development is inseparable from the support of electricity. Due to the different devices and ways of using electricity, the loss rate of electric energy in the use process is not very low, but it is not easy to avoid, and the consumption of electric energy in low-voltage distribution terminals is very huge.

In order to strengthen the measurement, assessment and management of terminal electric energy, and facilitate the use and transformation of users, the miniaturized guide rail mounted electric energy meter came into being. Compared with the traditional wall mounted electric energy meter, its measurement accuracy is higher, its overload capacity and compression resistance are relatively strong, its performance is relatively stable, its own power consumption is less, and other advantages are integrated, light and small, and its structure is modular, So that the power management department can better monitor the power consumption of each user and realize the measurement of terminal distribution energy.

Introduction of guideway watt hour meter


At present, the traditional wall mounted installation method is widely used in the installation of terminal electric energy meters, which has the disadvantages of large volume and inconvenient installation.

The rail mounted watt hour meter adopts modular design, which has the advantages of small volume, easy installation, easy networking and so on. It is easy to realize terminal watt hour measurement, and it is convenient for the industrial watt hour measurement system to install watt hour meters for transformation.

Guide rail mounted watt hour meter is a new generation of micro guide rail watt hour meter. It adopts standard din35mm guide rail mounting, modular structure design, and the width matches the miniature circuit breaker, which can be easily installed in the distribution box. The electric energy meter measures electric energy and other electric parameters, can set parameters such as clock, rate period, and has the function of electric energy pulse output.

At the same time, the guide rail watt hour meter can use RS485 communication interface to realize data exchange with the system. The guideway mounted watt hour meter has the advantages of small size, high accuracy, good reliability and convenient installation. It is suitable for the itemized measurement of electric energy in government agencies and large public buildings, and can also be used for the assessment of electric energy management in enterprises and institutions.


Performance of guideway watt hour meter
01 measure the total active electric energy and count it into the total electric energy in reverse;
02 optional multi rate electric energy measurement function by time period;
03 support RS485 communication interface and power pulse output;
04 the current can be connected once or twice, and the voltage signal is used for power supply, without auxiliary power supply;
05 small size, multiple of 18mm width, perfect coordination with miniature circuit breaker, with lead seal to prevent electricity theft;
06 din35mm standard guide rail installation method, easily put into various distribution


Post time: Jul-13-2022